Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Security Patrol

Regardless of premises location or type of commerce, the security of property is a priority to any business owner. This is particularly true for overnight security as it is during the night hours that the majority of criminal incidents occur.


Crime Prevention with Mobile Patrols

Offered as an extremely cost effective solution, mobile patrol services provide both the security of the physical presence of trained individuals on site and also an efficient deterrent to any would be intruders. All business types and can benefit from mobile patrols. Because the costs are spread over each patrol area, all customers gain significant cost savings over the more traditional dedicated security officer option. Equipped with the latest security technology our officers are capable of responding to situations effectively and confidently, ensuring incidents are resolved in a professional and timely manner.


Our Mobile Patrol service offers

  • Patrols operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Randomised visits to avoid anticipation by potential intruders
  • Regular checks for signs of intrusion, open doors and windows, property damage etc.
  • An early warning and fast response to any incident


Parking Lots/Garage Patrols

Whether public, private or commercial, parking lots are a prime target for opportunist thieves. It takes little time to break a window to gain access to a vehicle, providing the opportunity to remove valuable items or even take the car itself. The presence of a visible uniformed Security Officer making random visits will have an immediate effect, making the property an unattractive target and deterring criminal activity. This provides abundant protection for vehicles and contents as well as having a positive impact on staff, as they will feel safer when returning to their cars in the evenings, particularly during the darker winter months.

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