Our Company

Our Company

TourGuard Security Services, LLC was formed to address critical security concerns and provide comprehensive solutions that serve the interests of multiple sectors and clients, both large and small. Our desire to serve is bolstered by over 15 years of experience providing security. Exposure in the various fields of security enables us to merge a wealth of knowledge and experience to create robust security solutions for our clients’ security needs, that satisfies their security mandate and strengthens their ability to focus on business operations.


Providing exceptional security officer service has become one of the hallmarks of TourGuard Security Services. As a security provider with years of service, our firm has the experience, qualifications, and capabilities of large organization with the ability to provide personal and exclusive support. Our company’s foundation rests on the philosophy of providing exceptional service by closely examining past experiences, understanding industry best practices, and seeking continuous client feedback.

“Our desire to serve is bolstered by over 15 years of experience providing security.”

As part of our commitment to quality, we immerse our team with all aspects of our clients’ security program to develop superior understanding of service requirements and goals. Additionally, our condensed structure makes the professional relationship flexible. As we continues to acquire new clients we also continue to hone our expertise in an attempt to master the art of client satisfaction.  As we grow, we remain committed to delivering consistently high-quality security services.

24/7 service

Day or night, we are ready to be there for you, making sure that your security remains uncompromised!

Proven Tactics

With several security-centered services provided by our team, we excel in many fields

Dedicated Team

The most qualified professionals to keep our clients secure and protected

Extensive Experience

Working in this field for over 2 decades, our agency is a true security industry leader

Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you!